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Financial underperformance

Lack of differentiation

Widespread use of manual processes

Underwhelming culture

need to

Uninspiring corporate purpose

Disruption from new technologies


Dissatisfied customers

Changes in market conditions


my approach

 to business transformation 

While it is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all approach to business transformations, there are many common elements to consider. In the Continuous Transformation framework below, you will find my perspective on the 8 key elements to drive successful transformations. Although it may look simple, please be aware that the reality is far from being this elegant: some of the steps will happen in parallel, you will likely need to revisit steps you thought had already been completed, and there will be a number of other adjustments along the way. This is an expected part of any transformation journey.




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1. CEO's commitment
Ensure the right CEO is in place and is fully committed to the transformation effort

2. Compelling vision
Craft a compelling vision and change story to inspire employees

5. Digital optimization
Build IT infrastructure and incubate new technologies to deliver on the vision

6. Constant experimentation
Pilot everything, quickly learning from mistakes and adjusting the approach

8. New way
Roll out the new way of working ensuring the solutions are robust and that the employees have bought in

7. New org
Redesign the organization, customer journey, and the employee value proposition

4. Employee engagement
Identify behaviors and beliefs to secure employees' buy in

3. Strong foundation
Set up the Transformation Office, workstreams, and other foundational elements to ensure progress

Let's do it together!


Advisory services


keynotes &




Advisory Services
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 Advisory services 

Time to roll up our sleeves and take action to set your company up for a successful transformation.

The plan is to focus on your pain points and/or needs to define the scope that makes the most sense for you. Some thought starters for when to engage:

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You need a partner to brainstorm how to transform your company

You need help setting up a Transformation Office

You need help bringing your transformation effort back on track

You are ready to transform and want to ensure you start it right

 Keynotes and workshops

 Keynotes and workshops 

Time to get your whole team inspired about transforming your company and taking their performance to the next level with keynotes and workshops. Topics include:

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How to make your transformation successful from the start

Common transformation pitfalls and how to avoid them

The imperative to transform

Board Training
Fists in Solidarity

 Board Training 

Time to prepare your board members and senior executives to understand and contribute to your company's transformation journey, propelling the company to a brighter future:

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Understanding the Continuous Transformation framework and its 8 steps for a successful transformation

Learning about the critical elements of success, common pitfalls, and key questions to ask for each of the 8 steps


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